How to chase away the wasps from the pool?


The wasps are a few of the insects most beneficial that we can have in the garden, since they are one of the responsible for pollinating the flowers of the plants. But of course, the problem is that they don’t like anything to disturb, and in fact, I would go with care because they may react badly; that is to say, that can picarnos, and if it turns out that we are allergic… have to go urgently to the hospital. How to avoid it?

Well, one way to do this is to shoo them away from the pool, especially in summer, which is when we use it. So if you want to know how to chase away the wasps from the pool, try our tips and remedies 馃槈 .

Installed a team of electrolysis

This type of equipment, what it does is sanitize the water without chemicals, which is especially interesting if we have dogs that like to swim. In addition, it prevents the strong smell of chlorine, the sting… and also some flying insects like bees or wasps.

It is not known why this occurs, but it is believed that these insects don’t like the salt water, so they do not come close.

Fill a container with sugar-sweetened beverages

You can take for example a 2-liter bottle (or 1.5 l if that is what you have more on hand), and fill it with any drink with sugar, or even sugar water. You can even cut, the narrowest part, and make two holes -one each side – to pass a rope that you will use to leave it hanging somewhere.

It is a remedy which, well, is not exactly respectful of these insects, but if you have a plague of wasps works.

Put slices of cucumber over the floor

A curious way of keeping out the wasps is to put slices of cucumber on the floor, or by where we do not want to go. Having an acidic property, you can be sure that, at least, you get that don’t bother you.

Hangs brown paper bags wrinkled

The wasps will not make a nest where there is already one. If you see a brown paper bag and wrinkled, will think that that is a nest, and will move away. So it is a good idea to put near the pool, especially during the summer when they are most active they are.

Avoid to do some things

To avoid problems, I recommend to avoid to do the following:

  • Don’t view with bright colors. You may think that you’re a flower and be attracted by it.
  • Do not use perfume excessively aromatic. Remember that the wasps feel attracted by the sweet smells.
  • Do not squash it. When you kill one, this could release pheromones to attract their mates.

Avispa en una planta

I hope you have been useful 馃檪 .

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