How to take Care of the Flower Geranium? + Types, Meanings and Colors

The geraniums are in fact beautiful perfumed bushes, with flowers in shades of white, pink and red. These beautiful and fragrant plants prefer cooler temperatures, but, however, can withstand well temperatures stronger, as the brazilian winter, for example, which is in general more bland, when compared to the most rigorous winters in certain regions.

But plants are well sensitive in a general way, very susceptible to fungi and bacteria. For this, they need a special care, so that they can bloom quite and beautify the environment in which they are. Like too light, but don’t confuse light with heat.

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Although sensitive, is not considered a plant difficult to be treated, quite the contrary. And yet, to beautify even more the environment, you can mix different species of geraniums thereby achieving a result very beautiful, with more color and life.

In the whole of Europe, the germanium or, more specifically, its flower, is not only used as decoration is the basis of a kind of jelly, and edible. Are also manufactured some types of vinegar and creams astringent.

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How to care for geraniums?

Below are some important tips that can help to take care of this beautiful flower, thus ensuring the health of the plant:

  1. Geraniums need lots of light. This factor is more than fundamental for the plant to evolve. Thus, the plants should be placed preferably in places sunny your garden, terrace or windows.
  2. The geraniums bloom in the summer. So, you need to be well watered especially in this station donates in the. Already in the winter, this flow of water should be less. The correct drainage of the plant and its humidification ensures that the same live longer and flourish with greater intensity. This means, that she can’t be wet too, favoring the emergence of fungi and bacteria, nor, on the other hand, with little or no humidity. It may be necessary to use a substrate, heavy on the intent to retain more moisture, especially in the summer.
  3. Already in the spring, when flowers bloom, you need to be aware of the dry leaves and dead, it will be necessary to prune them. The exact location to do this pruning is in the point of union with the stalk, avoiding to hurt the plant.
  4. In the same way that it is necessary to an adequate drainage, you will also need to fertilize correctly these flowers, especially when they are in bloom. Use, preferably, fertilizers and liquid fertilizers, and specific to geraniums.
  5. Never spray the flowers and leaves of the geranium. It is very common for people, especially on very hot days, pulverizarem with water flowers and leaves, in the attempt to relieve the heat. In the case of geraniums, this is not a rule, quite to the contrary, because the flowers and leaves of the geranium are velvety and the water in the spoil, “fire”. When you need to clean them, use a soft cloth and dry.
  6. Plants are easy to care for but they do deserve some special attention as some of the possible pests that usually attack the geraniums, the example of the butterfly of the geranium, whitefly and many other pests common to the flowers.

Search for specific products in order to scare away these pests without, however, damaging the plant.

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Want to have success in planting and cultivating the geranium? Then, provide him regularly with a good fertilizer, and water in a balanced way and treat you with great affection. In the cold, it is recommended to put it inside the house, but don’t overdo it, she won’t need a blanket or next to a fireplace, for example.

It is a plant that has a growth that is considered faster and, as already said, basically asks a lot of light, water and nutrients in order to grow and bloom.

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What types of Geranium

Are basically 4 types of geranium, a more beautiful than the other and with its particularities, of course. Get to know them a little more:

  1. Pelargonium zonale, geraniums or simply the nearby plants: these plants have a port erect, like that of a shrub and its leaves are round, with its most central marked. Already the flowers are commonly white, red and pink, and are doubles, semi-doubles, or simply with 5 petals in all.
  2. Pelargonium x hederaefolium or geraniums-ivy (also known as geranium samurai): its size is more pending, nothing erect, and its leaves are bright, very similar to those of the ivy (geranium samurai). It has flowers fully grouped together as a sort of umbrellas, neatly opening above the foliage. Very beautiful to see.
  3. Pelargonium regale or geranium love-perfect: these germânios are already more in the form of shrubs, with the leaves somewhat toothed and its flowers super bulky and brightly colored, as if it were a kind of trumpet. This type of geranium is extremely sensitive to rain.
  4. Pelargonium odoratissimum: these geraniums have small flowers. The birth of these is very irregular, and are in the format of a star, generally, being its foliage extremely fragrant.

In this way, depending on where you want to cultivate the the geranium, you can opt for the type most suited to their environment, facilitating its cultivation. But, with the right care and proper attention, any types can be easily grown in any environment.

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Some possible problems and solutions

a) Branches, very long and a larger distance between their sheets:

Careful with the brightness, this may be insufficient. Change as soon as your plant place, to absorb more sunlight.

(b) The base of the stem of the plant is dark, seeming to rot:

Your plant may be sick, probably by fungi or bacteria, and the reason can be excess humidity or low temperatures. Unfortunately, there is no what to do, your plant will have to be sacrificed.

c) Your geranium has foliage in abundance, but very few flowers:

Too much fertilizer, most likely. Stop using fertilizer for a while and when you re-fertilize the plant, you prefer a fertilizer that has less nitrogen.

(d) Foliage twisted and the shoots at ground level:

Probably some disease caused by bacteria. Fungi and bacteria, unfortunately, to condemn the plant. There is no what to do, you need to sacrifice it.

Managed to get the hang of the Geranium? For all intents and purposes, is a plant that is very beautiful and fragrant. Worth grow it

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