Lighting in the garden in the summer months

Iluminacion en el jardín en los meses de veranoWhen they reach the warmer temperatures, there is not the slightest doubt that the nights require a protagonist and that this is the open-air.

This is an entirely different form of being able to enjoy the summer months, but even more if we are presented with the opportunity of having our own natural space and choose the option to live it with all the magic that has due to the lighting of the garden in these summer months.

Define the most important points of the garden

Definir los puntos más importantes del jardínFirst of all, the first thing is to think how you are going to be the environment you want to create. It must be one which may give personality to a beautiful garden, but in special we give you the opportunity to enjoy even more of every one of the summer nights with you at all times dream of the other days of the year.

And it is not necessary that we have a huge array of electrical points or even many points of light so that we can get this environment. What is important is only to know the lights, and garden that we use for those nights look, being that is why we show you a few tips.

To do this, the best thing is that we make a drawing of the garden contemplating each one of the seating areas as well as access or which are reserved only for the plants. It is recommended that the areas of step, as is the poche like to be, who are where we have always the furniture of the garden, may be provided with an excellent lighting, because these are the places that require more light.

However, and far from each one of these, you can see the pouty grunts of light in the areas where the plants that make the atmosphere intimate and relaxed. It is important to remember to keep lit the roads like the rest of the garden.

Bet on the power of the sun to give light to the garden

Usually, the most complicated thing that we can find to be able to give light to our garden is the lack of electrical points.

But this need not become a drawback, since we can take best advantage of the solar energy to the bet by the lamps as well as fixtures that are solar lighting, for in this way enjoy the lights in the areas that we want to illuminate.

This is one of the ways that we can solve the lack of outlets, which apart has huge advantages, one is the saving of energy and on the other, would be a model of lighting that is much more sustainable, which is of the same form can have a timer completely natural, wants to say that illuminates when the sun goes down.

The contrast of the lights, the shadows and also the colors

El contraste de las luces, las sombras y también los coloresIf the light is the most indicated to create an environment, in the same way as are the shadows.

It is important that we play with every one of these contrasts in the lighting as with the vacuum the best way to create a unique environment that is itself of the summer nights. So that we can create these environments, we can make the most of the foliage of the plants as in areas such as rocky outcrops.

Place some of the colored lights is also a excellent idea and at the same time very fun.

Without fear to the light of the candles

Most of the time we don’t have the courage to use the candles in our garden as there is a possible risk of fire. But if you like this kind of light, you can choose candles of light led to be able to give light to the areas where we are, like to enjoy without feeling any fear.

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