What are the care of the lawn?


The grass is a beautiful green carpet composed of herbs that, in addition to grow very quickly, they have the peculiarity that stand up well to trampling. However, it is also one of the areas of the garden that more care needs. Therefore, it is important that, before we get to sow it, let us find out if we have enough time to have it in conditions.

So that easier for us, then we will explain what are the care of the lawn.



Pass the lawn mower is one of the most important tasks that must be accomplished to be able to have a lawn beautiful. Thanks to her, we will find that the herbs that are going to occupy more quickly in the field.

How often are you mowing the lawn? It will depend a lot on the climate, the soil, of the species that we have planted, the frequency of irrigation, among others. But you have to know that in, general, during the summer it will be necessary to do this once a week, while the rest of the year to once every 15 or even every 30 days if it’s cold will suffice.

At what height? Again depends on 🙂 . But to have more or less an idea, it should not be cut more than a third of the length of the sheet at once. Yes, during and after the winter, you have to cut less, as this will help you to recover.


Riego del césped

Irrigation is another of the more necessary tasks. But it tends to fall into the error of over-watering, something that is completely normal if we take into account that the great majority of types of grass require a lot of water. However, the frequency will depend on the type of grass, climate and soil.

To avoid problems, read the instructions that you will be entered in the box or sack of seed, and above all, avoid watering during the central hours of the day to protect the leaves from sunburn caused by the sun, and diseases.


Zapato aireador para césped

As time passes, the soil is compacted which prevents the roots continue to grow normally. This is an especially serious problem in clayey soils, since in addition the water will have serious difficulties to reach the turf’s root system.

To avoid this, what you are doing is aerating the lawn, for example with a shoe aerators (like these here) or with an aerator with wheels (you can buy it here).

The re-ignition

Recebado del césped

Image – carmendonadotorres.blogspot.com.it is

This task consists in applying a small layer of sand, mulch or a mixture of both on the turf. After the airy is very advisable to do so to fill those micro holes that are left, which will allow the roots to spread. Thus, it is achieved to improve the quality of the green carpet.


Rastrillo para césped

On the lawn can build up a layer of plant debris, moss and earth which, if not removed, can cause the appearance of fungi and other pests. That’s why, with a rake or a scarifier go away once a year.



Sometimes you may encounter bald patches on the lawn where you will have to restock. Before doing so, apply a mulch and stir the ground slightly with a azadilla in spring or autumn.




So you can have an optimal development, we have to remember to pay it from spring through fall with mulch, or with a fertilizer specific for grass (you can buy it here) following the indications specified in the product packaging.


Hierbas en el césped

Weeding consists of removing the herbs that do not interest us. In a grass it is normal that sprout from time to time, especially in the spring. But to remove them manually or by applying a herbicide to broadleaf the get hold off.

In the case you see moss, we shall pay the lawn and escarificaremos regularly. If we have it in a shaded area and moist, use a product antimusgo (such as this).

With all these tips, it’s sure that we can enjoy a green carpet great.

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