What are the care of the plant lemongrass?


When you live in an area where rainfall is very scarce and the sun is intense it is important to look for plants that can withstand those conditions. Sometimes it can be hard to find, but with the lemongrass I assure you that you will not have any problem 馃檪 .

It is true that at first sight it appears very common, but the plant, lemongrass has something that few possess: repellent properties of mosquitoes. Do you find it interesting? Then find out what are their care.

What are its characteristics?


Our protagonist is a herbaceous plant, perennial and aromatic known as lemongrass or citronella. Its scientific name is Cymbopogon citratus, and it is native to India, Ceylon and Malaysia. Its leaves are acintadas, rough, light green in color and up to 80cm long, of greenish color. The flowers gather in spikelets of 30-60cm in length, forming clusters.

Its growth rate is very fast if the growing conditions are just right. So let’s see what we have to do to be healthy.

What are the care?

Citronela, planta antimosquitos

The care that you need are the following:

  • Location: it is important that you are on the outside, in full sun.
  • Earth:
    • Pot: culture substrate universal blended with 30% perlite.
    • Garden: it is indifferent, but grows best in soils that have good drainage.
  • Watering: 2-3 times per week in summer and less the rest of the year.
  • Paid: from early spring until late summer or early fall you can fertilize with organic fertilizers, such as guano, or the dung of herbivorous animals.
  • Propagation: by division of the plant in spring.
  • Hardiness: it can survive the cold and frost of up to -5潞C. If you live in a colder is recommended to have in the pot, and enter it again in the house during the winter.

What has seemed to plant lemongrass?

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