What are the symptoms of lack of potassium in plants?

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Plants need many nutrients to be able to live and have a good health, and among all one of the most important is potassium. Thanks to him, you can do its functions such as grow and eat, as it is involved in photosynthesis.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it is included in all of the chemical fertilizers. I can’t miss! But sometimes, whether a bad crop or because of lack of knowledge, problems can arise due to lack of potassium. Let’s see what are the symptoms that we see and what we can do to help them.

What is the function of potassium in plants?

Potassium is a nutrient that is found in the earth, and that once comes in contact with the water happens to be accessible to its root system. From him, he is taken to the cells, where it will comply with each of its functions, which are:

  • Regulate the opening and closing of stomata -the pores of the leaves, branches and trunk.
  • Trigger the activation of enzymes and, therefore, it is essential to produce adenosine trifosfafo (ATP), which is the energy that the cells need to perform their chemical processes.
  • Regulate the absorption of water through the roots and its loss through the stomata.
  • To improve the tolerance to lack of water.
  • Intervene in the synthesis of proteins and starch.

How do you know if you are not absorbing enough potassium?

The symptoms of lack of potassium in plants are the following:

  • Chlorosis: the leaves lower and middle turn yellow, with the margins burnt.
  • Slow growth rate: the potassium is very important for the growth, when this is missing, the plant is delayed.
  • Falling leaves: unless you put them in remedy, the plant could defoliarse in a short time.
  • Low tolerance to temperature changes and to the lack of water: when potassium lack, does not circulate much water through the vessels of the plant, so that this becomes more weak.
  • Low resistance to pests: their immune system may not fight them the same way I did when I was healthy.

How do I help her?

It is very simple. Just go to a nursery and buy a fertilizer rich in potassium. Once at home follow the directions, and in a short time will be improved. You can also get it here. Yes, must know that the leaves have turned yellow will not take the color green, but the ones that come out new another will come out healthy.

El potasio es muy importante para las plantas

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