What are the uses of the fruit of the palm tree?

Frutos de la Palmera datilera

The palm trees are plants that decorate the wonder of the gardens, the courtyards, the terraces… and until there are small species that may be in balconies. What’s more interesting is that, in addition to having a great ornamental value, some of them produce fruit that we can be of much utility.

If you plan to plant or buy some copies to be able to take advantage of them, then you’re going to say what are the uses of the fruit of the palm tree.

How is your fruit?

The fruit of the palm is a drupe which often contains only a single seed. Many times it is fibrous, and there is one that has scales outside, hairs, spines, or other protective structures. The weight varies a lot depending on the species; in fact, while the Chamaedorea weigh nothing more than a dozen grams, that of the Lodoicea maldivica , can weigh up to 20kg.

What do you need to germinate?

The palm are plants that live in warm regions and temperate. Although it is true that there are many that withstand frost, such as the Trachycarpus fortunei, Phoenix canariensis, or the Nannorhops ritchieana, to germinate in need warm (20-30ºC). For this reason, I typically recommend planting in the summer, in a pot. Now, if you live in a hot area or you want to take better advantage of the season you can do it in the spring.

What is it for?

The fruit of the palm tree is used for the following:

  • Culinary uses: Cocos nucifera, Butia capitata, Jubaea palms, or Phoenix dactylifera , are the most popular.
  • Uses ornamental: the fruit of the palm trees of the genus Raphia is very decorative.

Other uses of the palm trees

These plants are very useful for the human being. For example, the Chamaerops humilis, Roystonea regia, Sabal palmetto or Dictyosperma album have a bud that can be consumed; of the Syagrus romanzoffiana, Elaeis guineensis or Roystonea oleracea is extracted oils; the Ceroxylon, and the Copernicia prunifera is obtained wax; and Jubaea chilensis , and Phoenix canariensis can get honey.

Dátil germinando

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