What is a systemic fungicide?

Fungicida sistémico

Fungi are the organisms that most problems cause to the plants. If that weren’t enough, when the symptoms have already infected a large part of their bodies, which tends to be very difficult to recover them. Fortunately, not only are there things we can do to avoid problems (to control the risks, to pay when necessary, use pruning tools clean), if not that there are also some products that will be very useful: as the systemic fungicide.

This type products they will try to eliminate the fungi which at that time are endangering the life and health of our plants. But, what are they exactly and when to apply?

What is it?

The systemic fungicide, is a product specially designed to eliminate the fungi from within the plant. Once we apply, is absorbed or through the stomata of the leaves (the pores) or by the root system; thereafter, the limbic system is responsible for distributing the active compounds by the rest of the body plant (stems, leaves, roots).

When did you apply?

As soon as the first symptoms of illness, or when you sense or observe that the conditions of cultivation or of the environment they are going to promote their development (for example, if we have been watering too much during a period of time, or if it has rained a lot for several days in a row, or if we have not paid ever and we suspect that is going to wilt at any time).

What fungi is useful?

Hongos en hoja

It will depend a lot of its active matter. For example:

  • Anilinopiramidinas: is widely used for the control of botrytis.
  • Triazoles, dicarboximidas, carbamates, etc: they are widely used for powdery mildew and rust.
  • Benzamidas, tiofanatos, or fenilureas: it is used against botrytis, fusarium, cercospora, septoria, sclerotinia, penicilium.
  • Acid benzolar: it is used to increase the defenses of the plant to eliminate the fungus.

Anyway, it is very important to always read the package label to know true against what fungi is effective systemic fungicide that we are purchasing.

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