What is and how it is grown sweet potato?


The sweet potato or sweet potato is the edible root of a climbing plant with a perennial, whose scientific name is Ipomoea batata. Its cultivation and maintenance is simple, provided there is a land where you can plant it (or planting it) or a flower pot -very large – and deep.

So if you want to prepare delicious recipes with it, don’t stop reading this article in which I will explain to you what are the characteristics of the species and their cultivation.

How is the plant?

The Ipomoea sweet potato, much better known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato or sweet potato is a trailing perennial native to the tropics of Central and South America. Develops stems prostrate or twining, thin, herbaceous. The leaves are variable, entire or toothed, up to 5-7 lobadas, 5-10cm long and wide, glabrous or pubescent.

The flowers are grouped in inflorescences cimoso-umbeladas that are 4-7cm long, and are glabrous and lilac or white. The fruit is ovoid, measuring 4-5cm and in its interior we find seed round, 3 to 4mm long, brown in color.

Its roots are tuberous, thick and elongated. Are used for consumption.

What is your culture?

To be successful with the sweet potato, we recommend you follow our tips:

  • Climate: it has to be warm, with temperatures between 12 and 30ºC.
  • Sowing: in late winter. Direct sowing in seedbed.
  • Planting: in spring, when the risk of pulled in the past.
    • Garden: make furrows of about 20-25cm in depth and are planted at a distance of 30cm between them.
    • Pot: if you have a large container of more than 60cm in diameter and depth, can be planted using substrate culture universal.
  • Watering: every 2 days in summer and less the rest of the year.
  • Paid: from the first month that is on the ground or in large planter is to be paid with organic fertilizers, such as guano.
  • Collection: as soon as the leaves start to dry out, something that will happen three months from sowing.

Hojas del boniato

You enjoy cultivating sweet potato 🙂 .

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