When and how to sow the seeds of cranberry?

Vaccinium corymbosum, el arándano

Plant blueberries is not only easy to care but also has medicinal properties very interesting, because that is our best ally to prevent and/or cure infections of urine, and strengthen the health of the kidneys. Therefore, the sowing of its seeds is a magnificent experience that, without a doubt, we will be a lot of help to be more healthy.

So if you want to have this plant in your yard or garden, then I’ll tell you when and how to sow the seeds of blueberry.

When did you sow?

The cranberry, a shrub that belongs to the genus Vaccinium, is a plant of porte rounded measuring 2 meters in height. The resist frost up to -15ºC, can be grown in temperate regions around the world. The question is… when you are ready for your seeds? In autumn-winter.

It will be then when we have to pick them up, take advantage of its flesh for eating fresh or for making jams or desserts, and clean seeds for planting.

How do you sow?

Now that we have the seeds clean, we must proceed to sew them. And we will in the following way:

  1. The first thing to do will be place them into a glass of water for 24 hours.
  2. The next day, take a pot of 10.5 cm diameter and fill it with substrate cultivation universal.
  3. Then, irrigate, and place a maximum of two seeds in the pot.
  4. Then, cover them with a thin layer of substrate and return to water again, this time with a sprayer.
  5. Finally, we put the pot outside in partial shade.

Keeping the substrate moist, but not saturated, seeds will germinate throughout the spring. Once they do, we will have to leave them there during the first year to grow and become strong enough for, the time is ripe, move them to a pot to a greater or the garden if this has the acid soil (pH 4 to 5).

Vaccinium corymbosum

Good seeding!

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