Where is and when is collected Boletus pinicola?

Boletus pinophilus

Are you one of those who enjoys going to the countryside to collect mushrooms? If so, you surely know (and if not, as you say I 🙂 ), one of the most popular is the Boletus pinicola as it is of the that first appears during the spring and the last to go in the fall.

In addition, it is easy to identify, but for the avoidance of doubt, we have prepared for you this tab that can be very helpful in your outputs .

What are its characteristics?

Boleto pinicola

The Boletus pinicola, also called mushroom of pine, ticket mahogany, pumpkin, sureny (in Catalan), corvall of pi (in valencian), madeirudo (in galician), or onddo beltz kaskagorri (in basque), and whose scientific name is Boletus pinophilus, is a ticket to edible size. Reaches 20-30cm in height, and has a growth habit very robust.

The hat at the beginning is spherical, but later acquires a flattened shape and convex. The margin is decurvado veering to the fullest. The cuticle is smooth, a little velvety, not separable, of a mahogany colour, dark or pale reddish brown, and immutable (not re-blued).

The foot is thick, with the center width, color whitish yellow, which becomes reddish-brown. The flesh is white, dense and thick, odor and taste fragrant and very pleasant.

Where is it?

Boletus pinophilus

The Boletus pinicola can be found in pine forests, on the heath and in the undergrowth of beech forest throughout the year except in winter. In Spain you will find in the pine forests of Soria and in the Sierra de Gata (Cáceres). Yes, you have to know that it was confused with the Boletus edulis, but this one has a hat of a lighter color and a foot of cream color with the grid white, or with the Boletus aereus, which has the foot very similar but the hat is much darker. Of happen to you, do not worry because they are edible.

Boletus edulis Boletus aereus

Careful with the Boletus felleus

Boletus felleus

This is very, very similar. In fact, it seems in everything, except for the himenio that is color pink. Its flavor, although it is not toxic, it is very bitter and if you have sensitive stomach you may feel a little bit bad, but it will not be anything serious.

I enjoy picking Boletus pinicola! 🙂

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