Why is rajan tomatoes?

Rajada de tomate

How many times has happened that the tomatoes have burst or cracked? Sure that many, right? This is something that happens very frequently when growing these plants. But yeah, you will never see even one in a supermarket.

However, you have to know why they tear the tomatoes to prevent that from happening to yours. But as I advance that is not a symptom of any disease 馃檪 .

Why is rajan?

The tomato plants are plants that need a lot of water in order to grow. In fact, it is best to water them very often, daily even during the warmer months. But sometimes it happens that we do not control well the watering, letting the soil dry out, and of course, when we water the roots absorb quickly the precious element. If at that time you already have tomatoes, they react by increasing volume, but your skin does not adapt with the same speed and in the end ends up break down, creating marks or cracks.

So, this is not a problem of pests or diseases, but rather only aesthetic. All in all, the tomato can be consumed equally. Just remove the skin and ready.

How to avoid it?

To avoid cracking, we recommend to do the following:

  • Water consistently, keeping the soil moist and making sure that this is able to absorb water well.
  • Keep moisture in the soil through techniques of padding. For example, if we put a layer of clay, volcanic, we will reduce the evaporation of water.
  • Pay whenever it is necessary, following the indications specified in the product packaging. Keep in mind that if you miss a dose somewhat higher than indicated we will have a plant very high, but weak.

Huerto de tomates

With these tips, it’s sure that your tomatoes will not crack more 馃檪 .

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