5 gift ideas for christmas!!

5 ideas para regalar

Already come the Kings!!!. If. This christmas, we give you 5 ideas for gift giving and you are wrong full with your gift horse.

1. Boots

The boots are a good gift, because they always come in handy, sooner or later a rider or rider buy new boots.

Please note the number and look at their team to hit full. Color (normally brown or black), style (jumping, general purpose, campero).

Sure whether shopping online or in physical store that provide facilities for the exchange or return. The ghosts of all the prices, in this previous post you gave clues of how to choose boots or ankle boots.

I gave you the last year. Are to go out in the field didn’t have anything like that, do not use them often but I love them. Now you can find in Tiendacaballo.com.

bota campera equitación 5 ideas para regalar en navidad

2. GPS watch

Do not hesitate if he or regalad@ practice raid, or goes out for long walks. A watch with GPS and stop watch is a best gift, today you can find for 100 € more or less of very good quality. The photo is for example of Tomtom. What you can find in Amazon.

reloj gps navidad

I can’t live without a watch, I have one with heart rate monitor, gps, timer, I use it for running, or riding, even for swimming. I cannot give you any other use of the street because it is quite “bulky”.

3. Sweatshirt embroidery, custom quilt…

The personalized gifts are a plus. Customize with a name, a sweatshirt or a blanket makes a unique gift and unforgettable. Eye! once you’ve personalised it cannot be changed so please check very well that you choose the ideal product. In addition, it is a detail not overly expensive for less than 20 euros you can personalize the blanket.

4. Socks for horse riding.

My mother makes every year and I love it. It is practical, affordable and super useful. Here I would spare no , first because it is not a very expensive product, and second because the sock begins the comfort of our foot.

calcetines de equitación

5. Placket or sleeve for the mobile

In this I have become a specialist!!!!! I’ve tried everything: support for the cell phone in the arm (I don’t recommend it), hitch, mobile belt….etc Not is that you use the mobile when amount or much less, but if I go out for walks or I am working alone in the track I like to have it with me. I have used these typical pockets that attach to the belt and then have a handle to carry bag. They are used extensively in the south of Spain, and seem to me to be practical.

I can not pass without leaving here my occurrence to unite my two passions bikes and horses.

When I go lighter (only mobile) I put on the belt my briefcase holder tools biciclasica.com and I am more happy than anyone else!!! In addition, it is Unisex 😉

Many luck with your gifts and happy happy happy new year!!!

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