We’d like to talk about topics less enjoyable (movies, gifts..) but important. Riding like any sport has common injuries that we can often avoid. In this post we give you 5 tips to avoid injuries to the rider more frequent.

Some injuries are due to accidental circumstances almost inevitable. Falls, stomping, biting, kicking horse’s own or that of another .. .in many of these cases we can’t prevent that from occurring but if its consequences are the least severe possible.


Still, I’m surprised a lot of people riding without a helmet, I think to make aware the people to wear a seatbelt in the car or the helmet on the bike was just as difficult but today it is unthinkable not to take it. Someday the same thing will occur with the riding helmet. We doubt any site where you do not require their riders to ride with a helmet.

Protector vest, is very lightweight and comfortable. From 25% to 60% of the injuries that occur to the horse happen in the superior train. It is another way to ensure a little bit more.

What you have been given any time a branch in an eye? Probably the answer is YES!. The solution would have been a helmet with visor or goggles. An eye injury we can keep riding for a long time.


All riders professionals carry out a hard training out of the horse, as it is an essential part of this sport. So we had in a post the rider olympic Yvonee Losos de Muñiz. In your daily routine, not missing the gym. The riders are not professionals, although practice of regularly times are not mentalizados of this part. Injuries as common as low back pain or cervical problems are easily preventable with the proper development of a continuous training:

– On the one hand it helps to strengthen joint muscles that do not develop as much horse-riding (for example abdominal area) but work as sustenance in areas that are susceptible to injury (our back).

– On the other hand prepare our body to have the correct position, the wrong position with continuity on our horse is very likely a future injury or discomfort.

– Proper training can help us to understand each other better with our horse in order to strengthen our balance, endurance and control. We will be a backpack a lot lighter and easy to carry. We leave you a video that we liked. But all the videos of this series are well.


Sometimes a repeated error minimum postural brings us to an annoying and long-lasting injury. Our body tends to a certain asymmetry that we try to compensate for this asymmetry are often so naturalized that it is necessary that other help us to correct it.

That is why it is so important to seek professionals help us not only improve our relationship with the horse but also our relationship with our own body in the horse.


Many times the saddle is purchased on the basis of criteria mainly for the horse, try to find a balance for your team. Your perfect chair can also be perfect for your horse. We can’t all buy a chair or the chair most expensive in the market. It is not necessary, think of a chair that suits your needs, but also in the appropriate add-ins as seats of silicone, or other. This costs about 35 € and it really shows.

lesiones del jinete


Although still not see any discomfort in your back, monitor your health, go to your physio, chiropractor or osteopath. Even more if you have discomfort. It is the best solution to prevent and avoid aggravating our injury.

If you have some time to sign up to some kind of pilates or yoga. I have found yoga as the perfect complement to the riding , it helps me to improve my posture, balance, and control my stress. It’s worth a try.

lesiones del jinete

We have stayed many, many details in the pipeline we will dedicate more time to this topic. We will keep you informed!

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