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We dedicate a post over at our security. We have talked in previous post about the importance of the helmet. Today we dedicate our time to talk about the safety vest.

We firmly believe that it is a piece of our equipment that we must have in our closet. It may not be necessary for all practices, but if we take into account that it may save our life we must take it into consideration.

The main reason for the riders, they reject the vest from riding, is a result of being uncomfortable. It should not be so. The vests of today are lightweight, adjust to the anatomy of the rider and are designed to not hamper his movements on the horse. It is very important to choose the right to be comfortable.

Some keys to choose the vest that is correct.


The first step to choosing your vest for horse riding is to verify that approval has. The tag responds to the letters the numbers and the color, these three elements give us the level of security and type of approval that we are using.

The most commonly used and that we can use as a reference, it is BETA, from the year 2000 replaces all of the standards above. Having spent more than 15 years, we will not consider the previous approvals used.

BETA: These letters are the first that should appear in the vest. The label must be visible and be stitched to the vest.

BETA2009: In 2009 came the latest standard so if you are going to buy a vest controls we also listed this date at the side of the inscription BETA.

COLOR: There are three label colors that determine the level of safety or the appropriate use for the vest.

  • LEVEL 1/ BLACK LABEL: it Is the lowest level of security of the three.
  • LEVEL 2/ TAG-BROWN: This considered for low risk situations, is not suitable for the leap, and is not recommended for riders with little experience.
  • LEVEL 3/ TAG PURPLE: it Is the highest level of security, not because it makes the vest more uncomfortable. If the vest is for children not to use anything lower, and honestly if you’re going to spend the money on a vest do it in the one labeled purple.

We say that BETA is considering updating the colors (purple to blue, brown to orange and black to green). Today Black, brown and purple are the ones that are still in force.

Example of label:

chaleco de equitación


It is very important that the vest fits correctly, this determines the safety and the comfort.

Looking to at least have 3 points of adjustment. In the waist, shoulders and side. Currently the main brands of vests made adjustments side and top with belcro. The belcro helps us to adjust the vest to our dimensions and is very convenient to remove and put on. Should be width and help if it is two-tone with a red area that indicates that we should not go there.

About the fit of the waist is important if you jump so the vest is not homing it up that could compromise your movements.

Adjust your vest so it does not move but don’t tighten, and fasten, always foot to land not on the horse. Check the fit each time you place it. If a vest is your size and is properly adjusted it should not bother you at all.

Here I put an example of the close two-tone. The red part indicates up to where it should reach close to the maximum.


The correct size is also important. What is more usual is that the sizes available are S, M, L and XL. In any case, each manufacturer should give clear instructions of how to choose the size. If you make your purchase online, make sure you include the measures that corresponds to each size. This is an example of a table of sizes for vests

chalecos de equitación

The sizes and measurements differ in children and adults, do not have to be different for sexes, can be unisex.


We can also think of features that accompany the previous three.

  • Looking for a vest with reflective strips for low-light or field.
  • That is breathable is important in the days of heat would be appreciated.
  • That is foam in its composition makes it more comfortable and lígero

In short, there’s no excuse for not wearing a vest and especially especially if you have your child to ALWAYS vest.

See you soon!!!

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