Instagram is one of the social networks most inspiring. But sometimes it is a means of wasting time, searching for accounts interesting, viewing videos promising you are on nothing, photos “puzzling”. In this post, we will recommend our 5 accounts equestrian favorite. There you go!.


More than 220K follow this account. I’m not surprised. A German girl of 18 years who splits his time between Ibiza and Germany, and their two horses, He and Fanta. Dressage, natural horsemanship without saddle and a long walk to the ground. In short, what she calls training in freedom. Have a dvd released with the secrets of their training. In addition to all this, beautiful pictures and funny videos. All an inspiration.

instagram caballos


Nicola is a rider’s austrian dressage competing at the highest level. Has its own block in a village in the alps where he devotes himself to training his horses. Part of his Urges take a look at their website (Link here) where you can take photos of your block. An example of welfare for the horses, good taste and comfort. Your instagram is basically training dressage and competitions. If you like the dressage is a delight to see your work with your horse. In addition it is esponsorizada brands of riding trousers, saddles, horse, and others. So their styles of horse riding are also very care.

pantalones de equitación mujer, doma clasica


This page informs us almost daily of the latest news from the world of show jumping. Horses, competitions, awards, horsemen and horsewomen from all over the world. As it is there are a lot of pages (news break), I like this because the pictures they post are amazing. The videos also do not have waste.

Instagram showjumping


This is the typical account generalist of photos, educational messages, memes, and videos about horses. The photos are very good, and the truth is that you can spend an enjoyable time with their occurrences. More than 345k follow this Instagram, and the photo that least likes has exceeded the thousand until you get to some 19-K.

cuentas de instagram sobre caballos

@enduranceworldofficial Web news of the Raid from all over the world, jockeys, horses, races. Ireland, south africa, Spain, Greece. You do not have many followers (5.200) but I recognize that it is one of my favorites. In many of the pictures indicates the nationality of the rider, where is the race or results. Photons also here. If you are interested in the raid you will not regret following this account.

endurance, raid

This has been all for today. We will talk about also of Spanish accounts. On this if you want to suggest another account, do not hesitate to comment or send by private. Any suggestion is well received.

See you soon!

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