The 5 Best gift ideas for MOTHER’S DAY!!!

The day of the mother and by own experience I love to give away the mat of the mouse made with rubber, Eva keychain report of clay, or the abstract design perfect. But if part of these jewels, I receive a special gift, I am doubly delighted.

Here are some suggestions:


This gift I love it, if the children are not very small May is a month amazing for the horse riding tours. In all

día de la madre

the communities organize routes in amazing locations from one hour to full weekend. The horse-riding routes allow you to explore sites not accessible by car or little-known places to walk, so that you can discover new landscapes in your own province.

It is an experience in family unforgettable.

The price range can go from 15 euros per hour to 35.

Make sure to wear a helmet or they provide a helmet for each one. They are gentle horses and that you always be accompanied by a professional that knows the route.

rutas a caballo

2. A ….HORSE….

Well, it depends on a lot of the knowledge that you have the purchase. By a party must know of horses, and on the other to know very well what you are looking for the rider.

You can be the best gift that you have made to a mother in your life. But there is nothing easy about this, go ahead. If it’s not what you’d expect… follow our post on how to sell your horse online!!

regalo día de la madre


This gift may not be more practical, if the mother in question are riding forget the bonus of spa with this you’re going to get it right.

From beginner to advanced, dressage lessons, jump. If you have not mounted never be sure that it is a center seriously, take very seriously the security and respect and care for the horses. If you already frequent or she is a member of any draws out there the bonus.

como elegir centro ecuestre


There are very different forms, colors and uses. Serve to carry the equipment necessary. Some, like the one in the photo allow the option of carrying it over the shoulder to foot, and in the belt-riding. Are comfortable for paths, walks, excursions, pilgrimages…

This in particular is made in Spain of genuine leather and you can find it in but as I say there are very different shapes and materials.

bolso de equittación


There are things that probably if he didn’t give you will not purchasing. But once you have become essential. I think that this kind of detail very much depends on the budget, here for example, I offer this utility knife super practical and for 20 euros.

navaja multiusos equitación

And in addition a pair of boots, a cover for the seat, a cover for the boots, a chair, a porta chairs, a pair of horse riding, a good helmet, some leggings and booties, socks….. might be to infinity.


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