The 5 movies (or series) that is a must see if you like horses

peliculas de caballos

Movies of horses: new year Begins and I can’t stop making lists. But if you like horses a movie of cowboys can be something totally different for you. I’ll bet that you know of which I speak.

Well these are my recommendations: If you like horses you can not miss….


In this exact moment, for me it is the first. I just finished and I loved it. It is the first Western Netflix of 7 chapters. Definitely recommend it but it is a series for adults, in some moments it is quite violent. Its main character Roy Goode is a lover of horses. Don’T miss it.

Películas sobre caballos

Oceans of Fire

I guess that you have seen, have placed many times on tv but I keep watching. In this movie Viggo Mortenssen is a cowboy that will ride with his legendary horse, hidalgo a race in the Arabian desert. I’m a fan of the adventure movies that are well made, this hook from the beginning. You’ll want a mestizo.

películas sobre caballos

The man who whispered to the horses

Okay, it’s so obvious that I could not miss. I have to say that it is not my movie of horses favorite. But …out comes Robert Redfort dress cowboy ;). It really is a great movie that talks about what is important.

películas de caballos

War Horse

It is a Steven Spielberg film. Tells the story of a teenager who will be united for life to a Pure-blood that he has known since foal. Will misery, war, lost, but it is an awesome movie that is a must see.

war horse


It is the best animated film about horses, the children love it. In addition to explains in a very simple way the difference between domination and surrender. 100% recommended for all audiences.

películas de caballos

If you want more then…. Any of the films broadcast by canal 13 to the middle of the day!!! Are classic western, horses to be bored, and, siesta assured.

Thank you!!

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