The 5 products that you must have this spring summer 2018

Imprescindibles verano equitación

Maybe you’re lucky and live in those privileged areas of our country where it already begins to appear in the summer.

In any case when it comes to the change of time is a good time to make a small investment in some purchases that will help you to enjoy a summer 10 with your horse and not to take risks.


The dryness and the heat can damage the leather hardens and creates cracks that end up breaking it. I hydrate my chair more often in the summer, insisting on the areas of greatest friction. As well as in the winter I prefer products that are more dense, in the summer I like to apply products more oily, the cream spreads more but takes longer to apply and takes longer to be absorbed.

I apply oil to these hidrataciones more frequent and in less time. Anyway any of the two options is valid 100%.

My special recommendation is the oil leg of an ox, this specifically what you can find in for 6,50 € (1/2 L), but there is in many places and many brands. Leaves the leather flexible and soft. You can apply it to all of your leather products.

aceite pata de buey


Use a cover for your boots. Not you, but I will in summer I move a lot more: excursions, tours, contests. The sheath prevents the boots to suffer chafing in the transfers and you can also use a pernito, or hormah, as an example here you have a pair (photo). Avoid the boots distorted, and keeps them as new. Advisable to to your rubber boots.

pernito botas equitación


Can make it difficult a walk, and even affect the health of our horse, in this previous post we had already made some recommendations. Apply as many times as you think necessary.

Whether in the paddock or block, you can protect them with a blanket mosquito is perfect. They weigh very little and are very useful, even more if you have any wound or lesion in the skin.

antimosquitos caballos


It is never too late to start. Don’t go out EVER without cream of solar protection: REDUCES THE RISK OF CANCER, protects your skin from other injuries, prevents premature aging. Is health. Have more than enough reasons to always carry the shield as part of your team, men, women, and especially if you have children at your expense.

I use this because years ago I was recommended by the dermatologist, and in addition to the spray I find it very comfortable to apply. It is perfect for “embadurnadores” does not leave gobs of white because it is transparent…

protector solar


Have you tried to carry a folding bike in the car? Move around the block or farm, or where mountains, by bike. Models folding are transported with a lot of comfort. If you are lucky enough to be able to go to your equestrian center, bike do not hesitate, it is life. Here I leave you this model Made in Italy of biciclasica, if you are interested write to us and we provide a discount code.

Impresncindibles verano equitación

See you soon!

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