We present a selection of the webs of horse that the more we visited, those that should not be missed and that ojearás every time you’re bored.

I would like to include only pages in Spanish, but to be honest I’d rather talk about than actually read. Especially if there is a product on which we want to find more in English.

Clarified the bilinguismo of this post let’s start. In our previous post we talked about gifts, because these recommendations are our own. If your world are the horses don’t miss this:

Royal Spanish equestrian Federation:

We start by the more official. Don’t be confused if you think that there is only news of leap, also on raid, dressage or full. You will be up to day on all in-competition. I like it especially because it is constantly updated and is very visual. You can find a lot of regulations and it is very easy to search by disciplines (ALL disciplines). Some pastes can be that there are photos of regular quality.

federación española de hipica, webs de caballos

It is impossible not to mention two great publications on paper that have managed to make the leap online with success:


In previous post I have mentioned this website. Horse&Hound is the magazine of riding oldest of the UK, and one of the oldest in Europe. Their website is very complete news, videos, selling products, interviews.

It is very functional and the menu is intuitive. I have to say that sometimes the advertising is a little invasive.

webs de caballos horseandhound

Equestrian online:

Is the magazine of the world of the horse in Spanish for excellence, I buy them on paper and visited your website that expands quite content. Especially if you compete in Spain this is your page to keep abreast of all results and tests of all modalities.

Information is very varied and complete, from farms to regulation changes. Professionals of the horse.

ecuestre online

Let’s continue with one of these Sites, amazing that they are born with the spirit of a blog:

I love this site horse, its creator defines it perfectly: “Tricks and tips for squeezing the most out of your budget and time on the saddle.” Background always has a message of awareness about living healthier, eating less or taking care of the environment. This goes especially for mothers amazon: I resistiríais to this reading? : How To Ride More, Shop Less & Still Cook Dinner…


In social networks I follow many accounts great. On instagram there are a lot of accounts with amazing photos, there is something more photogenic than a horse?. Here I leave my last discovery:


Two very young girls who exceed 235k ! Maintain an amazing relationship of respect and fun with their horses. All an example.


And finally a blog good and in Spanish comprehensive information, detailed and clear about everything concerning the RAID. It informs us of competitions (calendar included), tips, tricks,. If yours is the raid both if you start as if you are a Pro, without a doubt this is your website.

I remain a lot of pages about a product that might be interesting. Leave it for another post. Thank you!!

The input WEBS OF HORSES THAT SHOULD NOT be MISSED is listed first in

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