8 de marzo

I take the 8 of march for this post weird that it takes in my head since starting the blog. Weird because I’m not going to wear some leggings, or recommend movies, nor to interview anyone.

This post is another thing.

Are becoming more and more. You find them in the riding, in the ski jumping, on races of RAID or on field trips.

They are not elite athletes, nor amazon professionals, are women who have decided to ride a horse.

Around 40 years old and above or below, though they may have more or less, some had been assembled girls, other had not done so ever.

Is a silent movement that is growing. Have taken the reins.

This is my friend Martha, Mary and Carmen, and Criss, and Ellen, Mary, Dawn, Sarah, Bea, Sally, Claudia and so many others.

Looking for hollow, between kids, careers, houses, couple, there’s ALWAYS room for horses.

Horses and more horses, watching videos, reading websites, overcoming, challenging, but above all the peace.

Do not wear clothing theatrical way, there is fashion, there’ll out of breath sweating on the edge of collapse, no. This sport is not about that.

Will another thing. If you have not done so do not will understand, I encourage you all to do this. Of heart.

In order to friends, thank you infinite to the teachers to See you, to the Aidas…., to understand it all.

Thanks to all friends, to all and each one of the women who ride horses. You can with everything.

The entrance WOMEN WHO RIDE horses. first appears in blog.tiendacaballo.com.

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