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Continuing with our previous post, we continue talking about the health of the rider. Today we have Elena Laso: Practiced yoga for more than 15 years, is an Instructor for the school Ashtanga Yoga certified by AIPYS ( international Association of yoga teachers Sananda). Has his own studio and organizes courses, retreats and yoga camps.

He currently combines her passion for yoga with her other passion are the horses developing therapies with animals (coaching with horses among others). Currently as an instructor of horse riding centered. It seemed to Me interantísima this branch, which knew not the. From this and other things we talk about with her in her studio (Yoga Studio) , and we learned techniques of yoga to improve our practice and relationship with the horse.

Truth has no waste. We leave here our chat, on the youtube channel you can see also the video of the practice.

We know that your training and your workouts are very geared to the “riding focussed”? Can you tell us a little what it is.

Of course!. I am to develop myself as an instructor of horse riding centered . It is a work horse that puts the emphasis on the posture of the rider to encourage a greater balance and greater freedom of movement for the animal by respecting the biomechanics of the horse. It was created by american Sally Swift , rider professional break that he suffered back pains due to scoliosis.

After much body work, recommended by your doctor with the technique Alexandre and the practice of Tai Chi created this form of horse riding by paying attention to the rider, in your breathing pranayama , in its gaze, or dristi, and of course the posture or asana which are concepts that we use in yoga.

My teacher Lucy Rees, spoke to me for the first time riding focused given my experience as a dancer and a yogi, to apply my knowledge of the body and my body awareness to work better on my colt.

equitación centrada

In what may help to the binomial this preparation yogic rider?

Helps both the Rider as the horse to prevent injury by stress or by an incorrect posture. It also promotes the balance of the centaur (binomial rider – horse), because it always seeks the alignment of our spine with the horse’s. To soften the look work more relaxed and in full communication with the horse.

The deep breathing and gentle leads us to ride with mindfulness (mindfullness) and consciousness of our own body and in this way helps make it much more subtle and soft .

How often do we advise the practice, before or on the same day that we will ride?

I advise you to practice yoga daily, but I understand that is not easy given the life we lead. If we have to arrange our schedule, I suggest alternate activities.

If you ride three days on horseback, you can practice yoga two for example. If you ride every day you can practice three. It is a good combination.

yoga para jinetes

Which errors are more frequent in the preparation of a rider, and how to fix it

The most common error that I encounter is the stiffness in the back and joints especially shoulders and hips. This causes blockages and breaks the fluidity in the movement of the team. The main problem is that we’re always just in time, and that’s why we don’t spend not enough time to warm up the horse nor the rider performs a proper preparation. I often say to my students, “ drop the shoulders, drop the knees” that comes to be to relax shoulders and knees.

The joints and the spine have to cushion the movement of the rider that accompanies you in the different airs of the horse. That’s why we need joints flexible.

Does Yoga + Riding perfect formula?

Yes, from then for me if. The practice of yoga gives you strength, flexibility, and serenity , the three basic qualities that every rider should develop. Force because we need a good seat, good core ( as they say now) to accompany the movement of the horse and maintain control and firmness of our body. Flexibility because our joints should flow freely with the whole horse-rider. And serenity because we must be patient with our partner, sometimes it hits the first, then will go to the second or the third.

Keep calm and serenity in times of difficulty promotes trust and communication with the horse.

Sometimes I wonder, if we train the horse before you ride with the job with the rope or in the corral circular, in the best of cases, to stretch and to warm up the horse for what jockeys do not do the same?

We leave you with the video, deserves a lot worth it! Elena teaches a practice of intermediate level, adapt it to your level and listen to your body during the practice, no one knows better than you to where you can get. You can do this practice before you ride to warm up or after to stretch.

In our youtube channel you can also see the full interview.

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