General tips for colon cancer

Today we write Nieves:

I am operated for already 12 years of the right colon, 80cm. Until the day of today, I have a lot of difficulties to have good digestions, although I’ve gotten used to it and not eat it nearly to not have this problem; besides that I have such as diarrhoea viral. I would like to have as a diet as is, but you might have digestion normal more or less.

Response of dr. Paula J. Fonseca:

Estimated Nieves:
The symptoms that we said, bad digestion, diarrhoea, are common to patients operated for a colon cancer.

The intestine is the part of the digestive tract located between the stomach and the anus. It is divided into small intestine and large intestine or colon (is made up of blind, hemicolon ascending or right transverse colon, hemicolon descending or left, sigma and rectum).

The most important function of the colon, mainly of the colon right is to absorb water and electrolytes (mineral salts), increasing the consistency of the stool. Therefore, patients who are missing a portion of the colon tend to have stools that are more fluid and frequent.

In our books, Eat to beat cancer and Natural Remedies to common symptoms, we include a section with advice on lifestyle, diet and medicinal plants to combat diarrhea.

Also, in this blog there are several posts with tips on the same line.

We suggest you to gain access to the entry of the February 24, 2017: Consultation to the doctor: “I Was operated on for colon cancer and I’m going many times a day to the bathroom. What can I do?”

It contains the foods that should be to strengthen and prevent to improve digestion and up to 10 nutritional tips that we wish will be useful.

Remember, to improve your digestions you must maintain these habits and should drink plenty of fluids especially broths and infusions.

We send our best wishes.

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