The best eating tips for the cancer lymphoma

Today we write of Loneliness:

Hello. I am writing to tell you that my brother has lymphoma . Already tested with all kinds of medicine and nothing. They sent him home because there is nothing to do. We want to know which are the foods that help to generate new cells that can cope with these cancer cells.


Response of dr. Paula J. Fonseca:

Dear Soledad:

We would like to send our support and give them much strength in these hard times.

Before anything else, make clear that diet and lifestyle can support the treatments antitumor but alone do not overcome the cancer.

That if, to maintain a good nutritional status and gives strength in struggle and improves the quality of life of the patient.

The eating tips are the usual, giving priority to the TOP10 of food antitumour collected in the book Eat to beat cancer.

Remember that you need to make 4-5 meals of small amount and eat more at times of increased appetite.

Intake of citrus fruits such as lemon juice or pineapple and the physical exercise increases the appetite.

In your specific case, we recommend the 4 groups of foods to boost the immune system and help it fight against cancer:

  1. The yogurt that regulates the intestinal flora, improves immune system and fights infections. You can combine with any fruit, the preferable are the banana, apple/pear, cooked lemon.
  2. The shakes or purees of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, 2 examples would be:


– ½ Beet

– 6 strawberries

– 1 kiwi

SHAKE ESPINALI, the spinach provides iron, and the orange and lemon rich in vitamin C enhance the absorption of iron:

– 1 handful of spinach

– 1 orange

– 1 lemon

If you have difficulty eating or is satiated soon, you can take a shake at breakfast and another snack made with yogurt, 3 cookies, a teaspoon of olive oil and a piece of fruit.

  1. The mushrooms, reishi, maitake, shitake, other mushrooms, you can use them to accompany other dishes. These foods boost the immunity.
  2. To ensure the contribution of proteins, if you have trouble take meat, fish or legumes, don’t forgetthe cheese and eggsthat support multiple preparations. Other protein-rich plant foods that we recommend you include in your diet are:

– Quinoa, is prepared similar to rice, and his appearance is similar, it has a mild flavor so you can add it to soups or vegetables

– Semillas chiaon salads, yogurt or smoothies

You must cook the food bland, no seasonings or breaded and seek to prepare dishes stews. Dress with olive oil and add turmeric with pepper to the dishes.

Remind you to drink plenty of water and herbal teas such as rooibos, green tea, star anise, yarrow, and linden blossom. The medicinal plant that boosts the defenses is echinacea and also help the pollen and propolis.

As a final tip, the food must be rewarding, not force you, to have patience to go eating little by little and when more want to have. Make mealtime a time to share and not stress.

For more information, you can purchase our books ‘Eat to beat cancer’ and ‘natural Remedies for common symptoms’ through this link:

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