Tips to prevent breast cancer

The key to preventing breast cancer is to follow a few healthy lifestyle habits in relation to diet, physical exercise and maintain a healthy weight.

Once you have developed cancer, the healthy lifestyle can support in the fight against cancer.

The diet more healthy for women with breast cancer is the mediterranean diet rich in fruits and vegetables and enriched with 4 tablespoons of virgin olive oil, raw as salad dressing and/or bread for breakfast every day. This recommendation is based on the study EpiGEICAM of the Spanish group of breast cancer (GEICAM), where an association was found between the consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes and olive oil, mediterranean diet and lower risk of breast cancer being the first study that confirms this in a clear and rigorous after studying to 2037 women (Castelló A. Br J Ca 2014).

Throughout the treatment you should do daily physical exercise and some type of sport extra 2-3 times per week. The intensity will vary depending on how tired the patient to receive the chemotherapy and, therefore, a few days will be more and others less but you should not stop doing it.

You should avoid obesity, suppress the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

The foods with the most anti-tumor properties are collected in the TOP 10 of Eat to beat cancer, among them I would highlight:

  1. The yogurt that regulates the intestinal flora, improves immune system and fights infections. Can be combined with some fruit, preferable are the banana, apple/pear, cooked lemon.
  2. The sprouts that should be consumed 1-3 times a week, and the garlic and the onion that should consume them daily (TOP 1 and 2 of the groups of foods healthy Eat to beat cancer).
  3. The shakes or purees of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins:
  • Vitamin A (in the TOP 3 and 6 of groups of healthy foods in Eat to beat cancer): vegetables, tomato, carrot, pumpkin, beet, and fruits, grapes, plums.
  • Vitamin C (TOP 4): juice of pineapple, orange, lemon
  • Vitamin E (TOP 10): cereals, olive oil raw for dressing vegetables or added to purees and nuts
  1. The mushrooms, reishi, maitake, shitake, other mushrooms, and mushrooms (TOP 7 in Eat to beat cancer) you can use them to accompany other dishes. These foods boost the immunity.
  2. To ensure the contribution of proteins, if you have trouble take meat, fish or legumes, don’t forget the cheese and eggs that support multiple preparations. Other protein-rich plant foods that we recommend you include in your diet are:
  • Quinoais prepared similar to rice, and his appearance is similar, it has a mild flavor so you can add it to soups or vegetables.
  • Chia seeds, add them to salads, yogurt or smoothies.
  • Alga spirulina.
  • Spinach.
  • Seitan

To enhance the intake of fruits and vegetables, we encourage you to include them in all your meals:

  • Breakfast: a citrus, bread with olive oil and tomato, and a yogurt.
  • Mid-morning: smoothie natural (see previous entries of the blog).
  • Food: vegetable stew with salmon and a piece of fruit.
  • Snack: an apple.
  • Dinner: mashed vegetables or cream of leek/asparagus, tortilla or scrambled eggs with mushrooms and yogurt.

You have to cook soft foods, no seasonings or breaded and seek to prepare dishes stews to ensure the intake of fluids.

So it is advisable to avoid the intake of canned food, packaged, bakery products, and sausages. At the same time that they must flee alarms without a scientific foundation, solid, muchas of them directed to women with breast cancer. So, for example, there have been many unfounded criticism to dairy and sugar. Dairy products, especially yogurt, are foods with great properties and sugar, consumed in moderation, is not harmful if well if it is the industrial bakery, sweets, processed, or refined sugar.

Remember that you can consume herbal teas such as rooibos, green tea, star anise, thyme and lime that you can add ginger to combat the nausea. The properties of the different medicinal plants are collected in Natural Remedies for common symptoms.

While you’re in treatment for cancer it is advisable to follow a healthy diet and not to take products or preparations without consulting with your oncologist because it might interfere with the chemotherapy.

The above is accessible and feasible and will help you to feel better and to take care of your body.

In summary, the vegetables and fruits should be the foundation of your diet, and advisable to combine them with legumes, blue fish, cereals and/or bread and yogurt.

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