What to do with a cancer patient who cannot eat

Today we write Leticia:


I have my father to leukemia, and tuberculosis. Do not eat virtually nothing, only protein shakes.
It takes a lot of medication for tuberculosis, and has also already received two cycles of chemotherapy. The issue is that it has been removed completely appetite.
It takes in the hospital almost 3 months
What can we do?

Response of dr. Paula J. Fonseca:

First of all give him our support in this difficult time and in the that are sure the whole family are suffering, when you see your father is malnourished, fragile, with an infection, tuberculosis and cancer. Whenever possible, to achieve an adequate supply of nutrients can help improve the immune system and your general health to combat tuberculosis and cancer. However, many patients suffer from a physical impairment important that we create a situation of fragility that facilitates the activation of infections, makes it difficult to control the cancer and cause anorexia, that is to say, a loss of appetite. When the patient has great difficulty for the intake, smoothies with yogurt, fruit, biscuits and a teaspoon of olive oil, or soft ice cream, collected in EAT TO BEAT CANCER, and in several entries of this blog tend to improve the hydration of the mouth and are usually well tolerated by the patient. Likewise, your doctor will assess the desirability of giving nutritional supplements which are smoothies with a balanced intake of all the nutrients. In situations of great physical weakness forcing the patient to eat if he expresses his inability is usually not recommended. The insistence of the family can generate suffering and feeling of incomprehension in the patient.

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