Why wounds in the mouth from chemotherapy? The solution

The appearance of abnormalities in the mouth and lowering of defenses is frequent during treatment with chemotherapy. Even more with schemes of rescue and intensification as the one who is receiving her husband. In many cases, the water rinses with baking soda, supplementation of glutamine and vitamin E and the healthy diet are not sufficient to prevent its appearance, but if you can help to reduce the severity or speed recovery. So we encourage you to persevere in good habits.

The management of mucositis and the appropriate diet for patients who suffer from it are contained in the book Eat to beat cancer, section 6.7, pages 102-103, and for patients with a lowering of defenses in section 6.5, pages 98 and 99

The complications encountered most frequently in the mouth stomatitis or mucositis (appearance of redness and sores in the lining of the mouth), xerostomia (dry mouth), dysgeusia (altered taste of food) and infections.

The stomatitis usually occurs as a complication of cancer treatment being the most common causes:

• Chemotherapy, especially high dose.

• Treatment radiotherapy, especially if it is associated with chemotherapy, and if the area radiated is close to the mouth.

• Nutritional deficiency or vitamins.

• Infection (fungal, herpes…).

• Drugs (corticosteroids, antibiotics, morphine…).

The story on the part of the patient to pain, difficulty eating and drinking, bleeding from mucous membranes and the simple exploration of the doctor’s mouth permitenel diagnosis, without other additional tests.

You should try to prevent your appearance with a proper hygiene and review of the state of the oral cavity and teeth by a general dentist, before the treatment with chemotherapy, and by avoiding foods that are acidic or very hot, and of hard consistency that can hurt the mucosa.

If it appears mucositis will be assessed:

• Adjust the dose of radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

• Use medications for pain, solutions of topical anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications, always after consulting your doctor and under his prescription.

• Follow the hygienic-dietetic advice that is described below:

Tips for patients with mucositis:

• Make 6 meals little bulky.

• Use a toothbrush with soft nylon bristles. Soften the bristles with hot water before brushing, or use for brushing the index finger with a gauze pad.

• Mouth rinses with saline, sodium bicarbonate, 9%, alternating between the two, or with thyme, before and after meals.

• At the time of the food to enhance:

– The intake of food creamy at room temperature, crushed in the mixer and passed through the potato masher.

– Butter, cream, milk, oil, white sauce, mayonnaise, cream to soften and flavor varied purees, broths, creams, flan, custard, scrambled eggs, pudding, applesauce, watermelon, melon, creamy cheese spread.

– Use water bicarbonated in the cooking.

• Avoid food irritants such as:

– Acid: orange, lemon, kiwi, vinegar, etc

– Salty: cold cuts, preserves, smoked, canned.

– Spicy foods: tomato, onion, garlic, bell pepper, cucumber.

– Food granular: grains of salt, rice, fibres of vegetables, seeds of fruits and vegetables.

– Dry food and hard: nuts, biscuit, toast.

– Food adherent: potato, pastries.

– Foods that are very hot or very cold, best at room temperature.

– Tobacco, alcohol.

• Evaluate with your doctor the advisability, if the stomatitis prevents him from eating, to associate nutritional supplements, as diets crushed high nutritional value that are easy to digest, have a soft texture, a simple preparation and quick and a constant composition that ensures the supply of nutrients in small volumes, thus avoiding the effort of the patient to eat more elaborate dishes.

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